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Science in our Learning Challenge!

In Year 6, we are learning about the importance of the worlds Tropical Rainforests.  As part of this, we are learning about living organisms and how we distinguish between living and non-living organisms.  We have discovered the 7 life processes of living things, which are Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion, Nutrition —> we have […]

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European day of languages – 26.09.14

Watersheddings have been celebrating the European Day languages today, taking part in lots of fun and exciting activities about European countries and their languages. Each class had a different country as a focus and these included Lithuania, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France and Sweden.  Children had the opportunity to get involved in activities such as […]

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Amazing Writing – 25.09.14

Our super duper writers’ this week are Year 1: Harvey Year 2: Aroush Year 3: Luci Year 4: Keira Year 5: Shannon Year 6: Tanica Here are some photos of this weeks fantastic writing!

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Rainforest Writing!

Year 6 have started their exciting new learning challenge about the Rainforests. In our English work, we’ve been thinking about Non-Chronological reports and have been working hard to understand their purpose and identify the features of them. We have used this understanding and applied to our learning in our topic work by creating non- chronological […]

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Halifax bank visit our Assembly

During the last academic year, the Halifax bank helped our school with fundraising to purchase a new football kit.  Some of the football team had the opportunity to visit the bank to see how it runs on a day to day basis and see behind the scenes of the counters. The children also helped with […]

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Have toys always been fun? Gallery Oldham visit

On Tuesday  Year 1 enjoyed a visit from Gallery Oldham. We looked at how toys have changed over time and made a toy time line. We also learned how to play some Victorian playground games and made our own thaumatropes.  

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Have toys always been fun?

As part of our learning challenge grandparents of children in Year 1 were invited into school to play with toys old and new. Year 1 enjoyed asking our visitors questions about their favourite toys as children. Year 1 were very surprised to discover that there were no X-Boxes, laptops and DSs a long time ago! […]

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Poppy planting

As part of our commemoration of the outbreak of World War 1 children from Reception to Year 6 have been planting poppies around the school grounds. We hope to see our poppies flower in the spring. Publish Preview Status: Draft Edit  Visibility: Public Edit  Publish immediately Edit Move to Trash Tags Tags Separate tags with commas Choose from the most used […]

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Year 6 Castleshaw Residential

The children have had an energetic start to life in Year 6 as they’ve been on their residential trip to the Castleshaw Centre. The children took part in a variety of activities such as climbing, kayaking and orienteering.  The children all enjoyed their experience and also had the opportunity to develop their team-building skills.  The […]

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Amazing writing – 11.09.14

Our amazing writers’ this week are Rec: Year 1: Mya Year 2: Sam Year 3: Evaaney Year 4: Lewis Year 5: Aaliyah Year 6: Macy Well done to our aspiring writers’ Please watch our video of our fantastic writing! trim.05487080-5E13-4F17-B5E8-EA5A1785FBEF

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