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Y6 Skype Session!

On Friday, year 6 had a Skype session with Jesse Lewis, who is the Rainforest Education Coordinator from the Rainforest Trust.  We met Jesse through our school Twitter account and have been talking to him via email for a few weeks about our Learning Challenge topic on Rainforests. We realised that we had lots of […]

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Tellagami the vanishing rainforest

trim.5242AE08-1275-43DA-A28E-4B7B1D49541B Today year 6 made an interactive book review about the vanishing rainforest, which year 6 have been reading in guided reading for the past two weeks. How to use the app, First click on the app, then click on create. After that change the gender of the gami if you want to. When you […]

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Today year 6 have been using an app called Tellagami. It is a fun app to play around with. We made a book review about the book called The Vanishing Rainforest. The author is Richard Platt. Why is the Brazilian Rainforest vanishing so fast? It’s because the Nabe are destroying the rainforest. The Nabe are […]

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Tellagami book review

Year 6 have been learning about the vanishing rainforest in guided reading  because it links in with our learning challenge about the tropical  rainforest. The book is about the rainforest being developed and a tribe that fights against it. We made a Tellagami about it, our Tellagami is a digital book review. trim.FA505C55-B0E5-474C-BEC5-DD64C760AD34 By Luke […]

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The Vanishing Rainforest tellagami

Today we have been using the app tellagami based on the vanishing rainforest.  A few days ago, we did a deforestation debate and we used the information we learned to create this book review. We created a gami and then we recorded our voices, which the gami said. Here is the link to our review. […]

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Saddleworth level 6 maths investigation yr6

Today some of year 6 went to Saddleworth secondary school to do a level six maths investigation. At the start of the lesson we had a problem on the interactive white board which was, to work out what are the scale factors of an enlarged 3D shape. As the time went by other schools entered […]

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Maths Investigation At Saddleworth Secondary School

  Today some of year 6 visited Saddleworth secondary school. We were doing a level 6 maths investigation. We had to find the length scale factor,  the area scale factor and the volume scale factor of 3 dimensional shapes. We were given partners from other schools. With our partners we had to solve number problems […]

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Year 5 and the Romans

Our Learning Challenge has been Were the Romans really rotten? We have learned lots of interesting facts and made mosaics from paper and tiles. By Abigail and Jayson.  

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Year 5 writing!

After the visit of author Robert Bullock on monday, we have been busy writing our stories about Lavender Blake who travelled back in time to Roman Britain.

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Which material would be best to fix the umbrella?

Today Mrs Vanes had a problem! She had two holes in her umbrella. Year 1 did an experiment to find out which material would be best to fix the umbrella.   Then we tested the umbrella to see if it was waterproof. We found out that the plastic bag and the tin foil were both […]

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