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Preparing our new learning targets.

    Year 5 have been busy today preparing their new learning targets!        

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I am a shape! Facts about triangles.

We have been learning about the properties of 2d shapes. We had lots of fun creating a song containing the facts.     trim.951610BB-1B2A-45CE-84BF-38064A363899 trim.4047811C-E76C-4F67-BA28-61B2E5EACF89 trim.682DB149-057E-45F5-9809-1E8FFE8FA2F9

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Snowy measures!

Continuing with our measuring week…. I thought  about how we could  use the snow to bring maths to life. The children became scientists and went out to measure how much snow had fallen and which parts of the school were the deepest. Equipped with rulers, metre sticks and wellingtons we braved the lovely, sunny morning […]

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Our Cross Curricular Investigation

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As part of our CSI investigation Year 4 have been collecting data on height and shoe size of our suspects. We analysed our data from our Maths activities and came up with a prime suspect. We then had to prove the guilt of our suspect by taking his fingerprint.  

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WW2 Diaries

Year 6 have been reading ‘My Secret Diary’ by Flossie Albright as part of their work in English and Learning Challenge. The children have imagined that they are in Flossie’s situation and a loved one has received a letter informing them that they are to join the army to defend our country in a war. […]

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Amazing Writers’ Awards – 29.01.15

This week, our amazing writers’ are Year 1: Laniee Year 2: Charlie Year 3: Evaaney Year 4: Beth Year 5: Alyssa Year 6: Courtney Well done to our fabulous writers’.  We are all so proud of your efforts!  

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Music to my ears…..

Keeping in with our current learning challenge, Ancient Greece and with our writing of myths in English the children created their own sound-track to a myth. We read a myth as a class and the children worked together in groups to put music to their part. This was an experience! 🙂 They evaluated their work afterwards and thought […]

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Y3 Practical Maths

With the builders being in school, constructing our new classrooms the children have been thinking about how important it is to be accurate in their measuring. We discussed what might happen if the walls were not measured accurately. What might happen? We discussed why we have to weigh things and what kinds of things we […]

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CSI Suspects

Year 4  have compiled a list of 6 suspects. After taking witness statements and drawing a sketch, our prime suspect is Mr Harmer. We now need to prove it was him who took our badges and find out why .

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