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Year 1 Visit to Castleshaw

Last Wednesday we went to Castleshaw. In the morning  we went outside to see the goats and then we went for a long walk. We saw rabbit holes, badger holes and mole hills. We walked down a very muddy and slippy hill. It was scary! After lunch we looked at some stuffed animals including a […]

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Was Cinderella bullied?

Yesterday, a drama group from Oldham College came to perform a short play based on a modern version of Cinderella with an underlying moral story about bullying. Key stage 2 children enjoyed the play and thought it was funny but had a serious message. Year 4 went on to do a workshop to explore the […]

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  Jungle Hour – Nursery and Reception invited parents to join us…. we ALWAYS want you  involved in our learning… We asked the children (and staff) to wear clothes that would blend  ‘CAMOUFLAGE’ into the background!            and you came – THANK  YOU – SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO   much  – from the Foundation […]

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Science week- Reception

Well what a busy week Reception had last week.  We watched amazing Science experiments, went on bug hunts, met lots of different jungle creatures, painted jungle animals, made our very own chameleon to camouflage and lots more.  We can’t wait to share some of the things we did in our Jungle hour on Friday with […]

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Year 1’s Class Assembly – Aliens Love Underpants!

On Tuesday morning Year 1 had their class assembly. We told the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. We wore underpants on our heads! We felt really silly and embarrassed! We told the audience about the first man to walk on the moon. His name was Neil Armstrong. He went  to […]

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The day the animals came to school.

On Wednesday 18th March Melissa from Zoo2U brought lots of animals to school. We loved meeting Razzy the meerkat and Woody the skunk. We also met some baby giant tortoises, a hedgehog, an owl and a corn snake. Melissa taught us a lot about the habitats these animals came from and why a meerkat could […]

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Science Week

We had a great time investigating which habitat maggots liked the best!   We found out that they liked the dark damp habitat the best!

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Science Week – Nursery

Besides Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s blog we did so much more during science week… We went on a bug hunt and found…    a snail, woodlice, a ground beetle, worms, lava and maggots                            we had to look close because they were camouflaged […]

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Nursery – Science Week – Friday

How convenient to occur during our science week – a partial eclipse of the sun Today we were outside and although it was cloudy Mrs Zander took a couple of good photos which we showed the children later                  Later the children chose an animal, went outside into […]

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Nursery – Science Week – Thursday

Today to emphasise camouflage we read the story of The Mixed-up Chameleon (Eric Carle) We had photos of chameleons with different colourings, the children took them into our playground and found different backgrounds where the chameleons could blend in                  #                […]

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