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Anti Bullying Competition

Here are some of our amazing Anti Bullying Competition entries. Well done KS2.  

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We are cryptographers – Year 5

This week, we became cryptographers and learnt how to send coded messages using Morse Code. This is a binary code that only uses two characters – dots and dashes. First, we had to use our DT skills and build an electric circuit involving a battery, a bulb holder with bulb, a switch and some crocodile […]

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Amazing Writing 19/11/15

Year 6 Madeline Year 5 Year 4 ` Year 3 Katelyn Year 2 Ruby Year 1 SR Year 1 HH    

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Inter School Basketball

Last Thursday, some Year 5 and Year 6 pupils were lucky enough to enjoy a basketball tournament against 6 other schools. We had a great time, learnt new skills with regards to the game and came away satisfied with our performance. We discovered that it is a fast paced game and there is no time […]

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Year 1R Remembrance Day

Year 1 found the animation on CBeebies iPlayer very eye opening, the children had a lot of questions about Remembrance Day.  As a class we brainstormed some words from the animation and made some poppies to remember all of those who have been affected by war.

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Year 2 Created Poppy Books Thanking the soldiers for all that they have done for our country. The children also watched an animation on BBC Iplayer called Poppy. The children interpreted the music and film. They wrote about how people during the war felt and what this animation signified.

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Year 4 PJ party

We have been working hard all term to achieve our class target which was all about only talking at the right time and stopping when we were asked to. As a reward we changed into our PJs, chilled out and watched a movie. Bradley  said, ‘We are going to work really hard on our next […]

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Year 4 Clay Day

Last week we invited our parents in to school to help us with some craft activities relating to our topic on The Stone Age. We did lots of activities including making clay pots. handprint painting and weaving. Jasmine said, ‘My mum came and we made a model of Stonehenge, a clay pot and a necklace. […]

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Good Writing 4/11/15

We had some amazing pieces of work to show in our Good Work assembly this week.  Excellent writing and presentation skills.   Year 6                                                    Lydia Year 5       […]

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Year 1R, Tasty African Fruit!

In English, year 1 have been reading the African story of Handa’s Surprise.  We discovered lots of fruit we had never heard of before, such as: guava, passion fruit and avocado. We had a lot of fun tasting these new fruits and coming up with some amazing adjectives using all of our senses to describe […]

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