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Good Writing and Presentation 28/01/16


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Nursery visit our library.

  This week we visited our school library. Children LOVE listening, hearing stories. Why should we read to children, what does it give them… a strong relationship with you,  a love for learning, basic speech skills, the basics of how to read a book, the ability to express themselves and relate to others in a healthy way, a mastery of […]

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Year 6 Talk For Writing

  Year 6 have been using drama , imitation and innovation skills during the talk for writing project. Their vocabulary has improved immensely. I can’t wait to read their adventure stories.

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Amazing Writing 14/01/16

Year 6 – Abigail Year 5 – Leah Year 4- Brayden Year 3- Jake Year 2- Lillie Year1 SR    Emad Year 1  MH -Eman, Aslam, Shahid  

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People Who Help Us – in school

Foundation Stage topic this half term is ‘People Who Help Us’. Last week we looked at the people who help us at home – mums, dads, nanas, grandads, sisters, brothers. This week nursery children looked at people who help us in our school… …there are soooooooo many people who help us in school and we […]

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