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A Learning Opportunity.

Children learn best from first hand experiences. Our Learning challenge last half term was ‘People Who Help Us’ and this week we had workmen in our playground laying the new artificial grass around out tree house.                                      The children were fascinated. Talking to the workers, asking them questions – wonderful. A […]

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Yummy Cheese????

As part of our Learning Challenge ‘Fabulous Food’ the children tasted different cheeses this week. We chose cheese that we thought the children would enjoy ‘safe’ cheeses –  Red Leicester, Cheddar, Cheshire, Lancashire, Edam and a smoked cheese.                       We looked at the colour and texture, used our sense of smell, talked about the different names and […]

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This week we have looked at the difference in temperature between a meerkats natural habitat (Kalahari Dessert) and the North Pole. Year 2 realised that the meerkats would be cold if they visited the North Pole. So we decided to create habitats and outfits to keep the meerkats insulated and waterproof.

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Computer Programing

Today we been learning how to complete a google search to find a website that we need. The website we have been using is Scratch. We have practiced using the software on this program to make a mini animation. In the coming weeks we will use it to create characters and program them to move […]

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Making Monsters….

Just before half term, Y3 invited family members in to help with the making of our very own mythical monsters to tie in with mythical creatures from our learning challenge on Ancient Greece. The days prior to this taking place, were spent trying to find storage for the mountain of boxes and equipment that the […]

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Fantastic Food!

In Early Years our new topic this term is ‘Fantastic Food’.  On Monday we started the new topic by talking about different food groups.  We talked about the foods we liked to eat and where some foods come from.  We then had a tasting challenge.  We had 4 different foods to try.  We tried each […]

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Music is in full swing in Key Stage 1

In music this term we are learning how to compose and create pieces of music. To do this we are listening to each other, following a conductors instruction and learning how to use the instruments. We had a great time singing, dancing and playing the instruments.

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Can Meerkats live at the North Pole?

In our topic work we are looking at the habitat that a meerkat would live in. We tested the temperatures of water and ice with thermometers. This helped us to understand that an icy environment like the North Pole would be too cold for meerkats to live in.

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Another busy week in Nursery

Celebrations and Festivals: Chinese New Year – we made a chicken and oyster sauce stir fry with Mrs Zander: we tried to eat it with chopsticks… tricky. We had fortune cookies and Chinese envelopes with a gold coin in (yummy chocolate). Which animal are you?   chopping the ingredients We practised our cutting skills – […]

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Talking Trail!

Reception have been learning to blog this week! On Thursday we invited all our parents and grandparents to join in with a Talking Trail.  There were lots of activities to join in with and talk about with our parents! We had lots of fun!

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