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Year 5 Scientists.

During Science Week, Year 5 scientists looked at states of matter and the different properties and rules each state adhered to. Once we had sorted these properties and rules into the correct columns, we decided to focus on Liquids and how they react with a variety of solids and other liquids. .   We learnt new […]

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Science Week – Nursery

For science week we still wanted the children to enjoy Easter activities so we based our learning around the text… we focused our scientific experiments on: spring-new life and eggs. What did we do… On Monday exploring and experimenting – we put raw and hard-boiled eggs in water and vinegar  we looked at them every day to see […]

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Science week in Year 1!

This week Year 1 have been using our senses! We started the week with a carousel of Science activities. We carried out lots of investigations including floating and sinking, freezing and melting and how to make the rocket mouse fly! We carried out a smell test and used our sense of touch to guess what […]

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Experiment-Is it important to wash our hands before we touch food?

We wanted to find out what effect it had on our food if we didn’t wash our hands before touching it. We put an untouched piece of bread in sealed bag A, one that had been touched by unwashed hands in bag B and one that had been touched by washed hands in bag C. […]

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St Patrick’s Day

We had a fantastic St Patrick’s Day learning all about why Ireland celebrate this special day and baking green cupcakes for enjoying at milk and fruit time.

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Some of our KS2 pupils have been involved in the East Oldham Schools Football competition and played their way all the way through to the final. It was a tense few moments before kick-off as the winners of league A faced the winners of league B. Confidence was high as the whistle blew. It was […]

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Year 5 Careers Fair

Last week, Year 5 visited Mahdlo for a careers fair to discover a variety of possible future employment prospects. We spoke to different people representing Aldi, the Police, various colleges, apprenticeships, drama groups, engineering roles, ICT and computer science and many more. Some of our pupils had a good idea of what they want to […]

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WOW…We made ice cream!

Year 4 made ice cream and not only did it turn out…it tasted really good! We didn’t use a freezer, we used freezer bags, ice and salt and we also used our muscles. In a small bag we put in double cream, honey, vanilla essence and walnuts. We checked that none of our class are […]

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Quickest way to melt ice cubes

On the first day of Science Week Year 4 were finding the fastest way to melt ice cubes. We had a choice of using a hairdryer, a candle or a mini fan. Most of the class thought that the hairdryer would be the quickest way to melt ice, a few voted for the candle/naked flame […]

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Our text this week… the text introduced different animals BUT the focus was on ‘Rhyming words’ – sadly this is an area our  children struggle we with.                          Come on mums/dads lots of nursery rhymes with your children   PLEASE. Mrs Zander and the children made – macaroni cheese  – discussed the different states of the pasta, cheese before it […]

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