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What’s happening in nursery this week?

Nursery and reception are daily looking at the changes in the tadpoles. The tadpoles have got a little bit bigger so we had to go down to a local pond get some pond water and put them in a larger ‘tank’. We are still waiting and watching. In our nursery class we have a natural room – based around mini-beasts: where they […]

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PE in full swing…

This morning I set the children in Y3 a challenge, to put a routine together using the gymnastic skills that they have been developing.  They were put into groups with some success criteria to use to ensure they produce the best routine they can. They will have 2-3 weeks to build  on this routine and […]

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Friction in action…

How attractive are you? That is our new learning challenge in Y3 and requires the children to investigate forces and the use of magnets. Making use of the beautiful weather we have had this week, we took our learning outside to investigate friction. The children were looking to test which material creates the most friction […]

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In Reception we have been learning about the life-cycle of a frog.  We learnt about all the different stages a frog goes through, from the frog spawn, to the tadpole, a froglet and into an adult frog.  We listened to the story ‘The Teeny Weeny Tadpole’ and a non-fiction book about frogs.  We then made […]

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Year 6 Problem Solving and Reasoning

Year 6 completed a challenge in class today. They  had to use both their problem solving and reasoning skills to solve the problem below. To be able to solve the problem, children had to use their collaboration, perseverance skills and make links.  

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Is a Frog always a Frog?

Our Learning Challenge ‘Growth and Change – life cycles’. This week our story book is The Teeny Weeny Tadpole.  We enjoyed the story and talked about how a frog changes from frogspawn-tadpole-froglet-frog. We watched the change on a time lapse clip… Mrs Moore brought in some tadpoles for us to observe – we gave them some cucumber. […]

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New Children

First week back after the Easter holidays and we had nine new children join our Nursery class.  We want to say a huge WELCOME to Riley, Tyler U, Tyler W, Ellie, Cairon, Charlie, Christopher, Aaliyah and Paden, making our class complete for this year. The children settled really well, a few tears initially but smiles by […]

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Good Writing 14.4.16

Year 6 Lydia Year 5 Sinead Year 2 Jack Year 3 Alfie     Year 4 Lucie     Year 1 Lily and Milan    

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Howard Carter pays us a visit

Our Learning Challenge is all about the Egyptians Although Howard Carter, the famous archaeologist and Egyptologist  passed away in March 1939 he managed to pay Year 4 a visit this morning. Howard was definitely on the ‘Hot Seat’ as Year 4 fired all kinds of questions at him. He told us all about how he […]

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Islamic Art

During our R.E. topic of Islam, we have discovered that the artwork associated with the Islamic faith is very much connected to the architecture and tradition. It is very colourful, full of symmetry and characterises the whole nature and function of Islam.

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