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Mummies help to make ‘Mummies’…Daddies came too!

Parents Egyptian Art Afternoon We invited our mummies (and our daddies) into school to help us make some Egyptian art. We could choose from making the following: Papyrus scrolls with hieroglyphics, Egyptian crowns, Shabtis (small figures placed in tombs to protect the dead), Egyptian collars, papyrus paper and Scarab beetles made out of plasticine. ‘My […]

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Year 4 Egyptian Assembly

Year 4 excelled themselves on Wednesday 25th May in their class assembly. They have thoroughly enjoyed their latest Learning Challenge and  the proof was in the way they presented their assembly. Year 4 answered so many questions and gave us tons of information…they were fabulous! They told us: How important is the River Nile to […]

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What is wild about Watersheddings?

To start our new Learning Challenge ‘What is wild about Watersheddings?’ Year 1 went on a nature walk down Broadbent Lane. We identified different types of trees using their leaves and carried out a scavenger hunt. We found out that there are lots of exciting things living in the area around our school. We are […]

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A pirate’s life for me!

On Tuesday 3rd May it was Year 1 Pirate Day! We all dressed up as pirates and our learning in English and Maths was themed around this topic. We have been busy planning and writing our own pirate stories and our pirate day helped us with our fantastic ideas! In the afternoon we enjoyed a […]

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3D shapes crafts

This morning the children got stuck into their first task of the day; building 3D shapes from nets. The children were aiming to recognise 3D shapes in real life orientations (their homework for this week also). It was tricky and they had to focus on folding and gluing the right parts but they did a […]

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When Reception Spotted a Fire Engine…

On Tuesday as we were getting ready to go out at playtime one of the children spotted a fire engine in the car park. This caused a lot of excitement so we decided to go and have a peek… The fire fighter in the fire engine was very friendly. He switched on the flashing lights […]

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Reception & Nursery Assembly

On Tuesday it was Mrs Moore & Mrs Shenton’s Reception & Nursery class assembly.We were joined in the hall by Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Two and lots of parents, carers and friends attended too. We shared our wake up shake up song then our learning from this half term’s topic of Growth and Change. We […]

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Visit from our Clarksfield friends (Year 4)

Yesterday our friends from Clarksfield  came to play sports with us as part of our link project. We were blessed with beautiful sunshine all day long.                                                                                         When they arrived we split into 3 groups – orange group, purple group and red group. First of all we played a game where we had to […]

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Scratch and Dodgeball

Year 6 have been busy using Scratch to create a dodgeball game. We will post some of them when they are finished.  

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Magic Magnets

The children have been learning about forces and how some forces require contact between 2 objects for example a push and a pull. This week we started looking at forces that work at a distance and using magnets to explore magnetic fields which the children really enjoyed.  

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