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Year 4 Stone Age Workshop

Today, Steve from Creative Workshops came into school to work with Y4 on their learning challenge all about the Stone Age. Using acting and drama, he took us on a trip into the past to find out about what life was like during this period in our history.  We had the opportunity to work alone, […]

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Oh my what big ears you have…

In nursery we are encouraging the children to tune-in to sounds. This week the children helped make and wore ‘listening ears’ encouraging them to focus and listen to sounds in the environment. We went outside, what did we hear… all the children could hear other children’s voices, Mya heard birds, George heard a car, Tyler U […]

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Y4’s first ever brass lesson!

Year 4 are really lucky to have Brass this year as part of their Music Curriculum. We have a Music Teacher who comes to school to teach us how to play our instrument every week for the whole of the year.  We have a range of instruments in school including trumpets, cornets and trombones. Yesterday […]

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Y4 Stone Age Cave Paintings

Y4 have started their Learning Challenge on the Stone Age.  As part of our art & design learning, we have been finding out about Cave Paintings and the techniques used to create the artwork.  We used a range of media and techniques to recreate some of our own designs featuring hand prints.  We have displayed […]

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Gulliver’s Travels Review

Today, we did a guided reading session on Gulliver’s travels. It is about a man who discovers a place that is  minuscule and get’s a visit off the royal family.Unlike Gulliver, everyone else is small. Unfortunately for Gulliver , everyone thinks he wants to cause chaos so they tie him up and read out an […]

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First P.E. session

The first PE session can be quite overwhelming for the children when they first start – walking through the school – new areas, having to follow each other (keeping in line is not easy when you’re 3), a massive hall, which is very echoey and cooperating with your friends (when you want the ball)… … […]

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Welcome Nursery Class – September 2016

Welcome all nursery children… the new children who started with us this September AND the children who have been with us from January and April this year. Noah, Tayana, Vienna, Riley, Tyler U, Tyler W, Charlie A-S, Aaliyah, Ellie, Cairon, Christopher, Charlie S, Freddie, Ava, Stella, Phoebe, Archie, Thomas, Mya, George, Darcey and Matilda. Mrs Zander […]

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Welcome Mr Sharrock

In Year 6 we have been creating E cards using HTML and code. Here are some of our cards. If you click on the links below you will be able to view them.   Blogged by Leah and Sophie

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