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Halloween ICT

Year 1 have been using the ‘My Story’ app on the Ipads to create some spooky Halloween pictures!

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Year 1’s Jack and the Beanstalk Dance

This half term Year 1 have enjoyed exploring different dance moves to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We hope you enjoy the videos from Elm and Willow Class. If you have a child in Year 1 then ask them to retell the story to you as you watch. Well done Year 1! […]

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A real Stone Age experience!

Year 4 have been concluding their topic on the Stone Age this week. To finish out topic in style we had a go at making our own flatbreads using flour, butter and milk before cooking the bread on a real open fire, like they would have done in the Stone Age. First we followed a […]

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Holy Trinity Church

On Thursday Year 2 visited Holy Trinity Church to find out why Christians go to church. We looked at the font, tried some communion bread and discovered the stories told in the stained glass windows. We also got to try on some of the special clothes that a vicar wears for different times of year. […]

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London’s Burning!

Year 2 have been working really hard to design and build models of buildings from London 1666. On Friday we burned them down! Click here to watch a short video clip: IMG_0006 We talked about how the famous fire started and why the buildings burned so quickly. We’ve also been learning about what materials buildings […]

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Samuel Pepys visits Watersheddings!

Year 2 enjoyed a visit from Tempus Fugit Educational Theatre. We had great fun singing, dressing up and learning all about the Great Fire of London!

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The Great Watersheddings Bake Off!

Year 2 Pine class have been baking! We made our own bread – it was delicious! 

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Morning Maths Challenge

This morning Year 6 were excited and engaged when asked to complete a Maths Challenge.They were asked to use their knowledge of negative numbers and sequences to solve and algebra problem. Blogged by Malahat

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Last week Year 6 had an amazing visit from Zoolab.We  learnt lots about the animals and creatures that live in the  different layers of the rainforest. Blogged by Malahat

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D/T: building a cave!

Year 4 have been continuing their learning about the Stone Age by working on developing their design technology skills. In groups, the children have designed and built replica caves that resemble the homes neolithic man would have lived in! They used wire mesh and papier cache to create their caves and once dry, they used […]

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