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Volcanic Comics

Year 4 have been writing descriptions of a volcanic eruption that they watched on a video clip. We worked hard as a class to develop our use of ambitious vocabulary to improve our writing and included figurative language features such as similes and personification to add a clear image to our readers mind. Once our […]

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Computing across the school

We were looking enough to have Mr. Patel in school with us last week.  He visited every class in school, introducing APPs and using makey makey kits to complete a ‘class project’. We finished the days by hosting a celebration assembly, where each class showcased their project and what they had been learning. Reception Classes […]

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Volcanic Vocabulary!

Year 4 have started their new learning challenge finding out about our active planet. They have started learning about volcanoes and even went to look at an erupting volcano in our google expeditions session earlier this week. In our English work, we have watched a video clip showing a violent eruption of a volcano and […]

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An alien in the classroom!

Today we had a very special visitor! Frooby the alien came to class! We enjoyed meeting him and were glad to discover that he is a very friendly alien! We created our own news reports and wrote our own newspaper articles.    

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Extreme Air!

Today Year 1 went trampolining! We wanted to experience what it might be like in space with no gravity! We had a fantastic time but it was very hard work!

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Remembrance Assembly

Today, on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11.00am all at Watersheddings observed a 2 minute silence to remember those who have fought for our country and given their lives. The children all observed the silence impeccably and heard about the history of remembrance and the significance of the Poppy symbol. We watched […]

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Alien Spaceship Crash Lands at Watersheddings!

On Monday we discovered CCTV footage that showed an alien spaceship crash landing at school! We quickly went outside to investigate and discovered that although the ship had vanished, a crash site had been cordoned off and there were lots of clues about what had happened!   We have spent the rest of the week […]

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Our school council ideas!

This week our school councilers have been thinking really hard! What shall we put on the blank wall?? We even looked at maps of our school to try and improve it. And finally we had a meeting to choose what we can place in our school! Comment down your ideas,what do you want in the […]

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An authors visit!

Today, we followed up our spooky writing workshop, with a visit from the author Joseph Delaney, who has written the books ‘The Spooks Apprentice.’ He came into school to talk to us about his job as an author and how he came to be a writer. He had lots of good advice for us about […]

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Year 5 have been researching how Vikings lived in England.  If you watch the videos below,  they will tell you some of the things they learned. IMG 0389[1] from Mrs. Hayes on Vimeo. IMG 0387[1] from Mrs. Hayes on Vimeo.

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