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Manchester Airport

Today Year 1 visited Runway Visitor Park at Manchester Airport as part of our new transport topic. We weren’t lucky with the weather but we were lucky enough to see lots of planes taking off and landing, including the A380 which is huge! We were able to sit on the flight deck of a plane […]

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Today in our RE lesson we have been finding out why we eat pancakes on Pancake Tuesday – we learnt that Christians call it Shrove Tuesday and it is always on the day before Lent starts. As part of our learning we made and ate pancakes topped with our choice of lemon juice, sugar, jam […]

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Feeding hungry crocodiles in year 2 Maths

On Friday in Mrs O’Briens maths, the children were comparing numbers. We met some very hungry crocodiles who like to eat big numbers! The children chose 2 numbers up to 100 and fed the biggest one to the crocodile using place value to help them. By the end of the lesson they showed they could […]

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Platform 9 3/4, the Hogwarts Express and everything in between! ☇

On Friday, year 4 went on the best school trip ever. We went to the Warner Bros Studios in London to learn all about the making of the Harry Potter films. We left school at 6.40am, took two trams and two trains as well as a bus to get there! The were some hiccups due […]

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Lights, camera, action!

Today Year 1 enjoyed a visit from TV producer Leanne. Leanne brought us lots of interesting things in to look at and to help us understand what she does. We enjoyed watching some of the short films she has made. Thanks Leanne!      

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500 words challenge

This week in Year 6 we have been doing the 500 words challenge. What we had to do was write a fictional story but we had to include one of the following settings a train, the forest or a house. we also had to decide what was going to happen at the end the worst […]

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500 Words Writing Competition

This year our school has taken part in the BBC’s 500 Words short story writing competition. In Year 2 we based our stories around our topic of ‘Dinosaurs.’ Every child wrote a story and they put lots of effort into making them interesting and exciting. The teachers were asked to choose one story from each of the English groups […]

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Adventurers Wanted!

As part of our aspirations week we were visited in assembly by leaders from Beavers, Cub, Scouts and Brownies. They came to tell us about the fun you can have and the skills you can learn if you join one of these uniformed groups. You might recognise our own Miss Cannon and Mrs Sargent from […]

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A Visit From The Mayor

Today we were visited by the Mayor of Oldham, Councillor Derek Heffernan. He came into school to talk to us about his role as mayor and what this job involves. He had lots of interesting things to say, and one point he made over and over was that we should all work hard to do better. Whether we […]

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Year 1 Good Work

Lots of Good Work badges being given out today in Shooting Stars for good writing. The children were writing about what they wanted to be when they grow up because it’s Careers Week in school .

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