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Home learning treats.

We are so proud of Year 2 for doing lots of learning at home. As a treat we have played with our toys from home and had a wonderful time. We are so proud of you.

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Pine class share their amazing homework

    Pine class had a brilliant time sharing their homework books with their friends. They have written some super Easter stories, created Easter pictures and designed 3D houses! They have been very busy! They have worked so hard and were very proud of what they had done. Thank you to all the parents who […]

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On Friday Elm Class visited the Castleshaw Centre. We had a wonderful day in the glorious sunshine! We went on a very muddy walk, made boats and lost a few wellies! We found out all about the different animals living in the area. We built Hedgehog nests and went pond dipping. There was even some […]

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Hardtack biscuits…. They were Arrrrrrr….right!

This past week we have been doing a lot of multiplying and dividing in maths so we put our skills into practise. Today we made hardtack biscuits by following some instructions.  We had a recipe for 1, but there are 31 of us in class so we had to work out how much of each […]

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Year 1 Elm Parents’ afternoon

Thank you to the parents who came to help the children make their model vehicles this afternoon and to our wonderful Year 6 helpers! We all had a lot of fun!  

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Maths Activities.

This morning “Racing Rockets” have been measuring and recording time in seconds.We used a stopwatch to time ourselves and a partner completing some activities.We hopped,skipped, marched on the spot,frog jumps,star jumps and caught a bean bag (PHEW)!

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Year 5 Visit to East Oldham Methodist Church

This afternoon Year 5 visited East Oldham Methodist church to take part in some Easter Activities.  When we arrived at the church the children were told the Easter story, followed by taking part in 5, 10 minute activities.  The activities all involved parts of the Easter story such as the cross and the last supper. […]

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Parent’s Afternoon Willow Class

We had a great time this afternoon making our transport models following our designs. Thanks to all our mums, dads and grandads who helped us. We couldn’t have produced such fantastic models without your support. Photos to follow.

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Marooned….on the school field

Today we had to think about what it might be like to be marooned. Pirates were normally marooned as a punishment and were left on a deserted island, all alone. Today we talked about what would be our main priority: finding water, making a fire, building a shelter or finding food. It was tricky. Some […]

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Pirate Adventures…

Over the last  two weeks, Y3 have been writing their own pirate adventure stories. We’ve had shiver me timbers and land ho galore. On Friday afternoon, the children went down to Y2 to read them their stories which Y2 enjoyed and it gave Y3 the opportunity to read their work to an audience. We hope […]

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