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Seaside Scenes

To begin our new topic we have created our own seaside scenes. We brought in boxes of all shapes and sizes and used these to create our seaside collages. We are very proud of our finished scenes – they are all different and all fabulous!

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Quarry Bank Mill Trip

On Thursday 18th May Y3 went to Quarry Bank Mill. The children were able to experience what it would have been like if they had to work in a mill as a child. They were also able to experience life as an apprentice and what they would have done before and after working a 14 […]

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Pirate Science!

Year 1 have been carrying out experiments as part of our pirate topic. We tested which material would be best to fix Pirate Pete’s umbrella (he does not like to get his hat wet) and we investigated which materials floated and which sunk before making our own boats and rafts!

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