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Year 1 Hoghton Tower Trip

On Wednesday Year 1 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Hoghton Tower as part of our ‘Once upon a time …’ topic. We enjoyed dressing up in costumes and exploring the castle which is 451 years old! We found out that King James visited the castle in 1617. We enjoyed exploring some of the rooms in […]

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Sea scapes in the style of Alfred Wallis

We have been studying the artist Alfred Wallis and have learnt about his famous sea scape pictures. From looking at his pictures we know that he includes key things in his pictures- boats, light houses, houses and they are set at sea. He also uses the same colours in them- blue, white, yellow and black. […]

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Can we grow a beanstalk over night?

Elm class have been planting beans – we will have to wait and see if our beans are magic or not! We have been predicting what our plants need to grow. We think they will need water and sunlight. We are also planting some flowering plants in our allotment this week and we are excited […]

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