Health Week – Food Tasting

During health week we discussed why it is important to eat a variety of different fruits and vegetables.  Lots of the children had never tried some of the fruit and vegetables that we were discussing so we decided a shopping trip was in order. On Friday morning Y3 happily set off for Tesco to do a ‘big’ shop. Once there, the children split off into groups, clipboard in arms and got the items on their shopping list whilst pricing up and weighing different objects.

The children were wonderfully  behaved and Tesco very kindly gave us all the shopping for free. On arriving back at school we decided to have a food tasting afternoon which as enjoyed by everyone. Salmon, cottage cheese and peppers came out with excellent reviews as did the pineapple, kiwi and watermelon.

Sorry mums and dads but you may now have a few extra items to add to your shopping lists. 🙂




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